We work with the slogan of “won’t work, does not exist”

Facing this fundamentale rule we are not able to portray the complete fleet of vehicles, we can choose from.
But you can be sure we will find a suitable transport solution for all cases.

The following vehicle fleet is available to us for our core business:

Low loader and low beds can be raised (standard)
→ Payload from 20 to 36 to ←
→ Load edge height from 0.3 m to 0.9 m ←
→ Telescopic loading platforms ←
→ partly equipped with 5 to hydraulic winch ←
→ Drive-on ramps from 3.0 m to 5.5 m length (for ground level and ramp delivery) ←

For heavy transports of all kinds we offer individual vehicle combinations.
Low loader with 9 to Dhollandia lifts or folding ramps up to 30 to
→ Payload from 20 to 30 to ←
→ Interior height up to 3,60 m ←
→ Load edge height from 0.25 m to 1.0 m ←
→ loading area width 2.49 m to 3.0 m extendable (widths up to 4.0 m under tarpaulin possible) ←
→ loading area length (drop deck) from 4.2 m to 9.0 m ←
→ partly equipped with 6,5 to hydraulic winch ←
→ 9 to lifting platforms or drive-on ramps from 3.0 m to 6.2 m long (for ground level and ramp delivery) ←
Inside loader 
→ Payload up to 27 to possible ←
→ interior height 3,80 m ←
→ Loading edge height 0,2 m ←
→ loading area width up to 2,06 m ←
→ loading area length up to 9,6 m ←
→ Semi-trailer lowers completely to the ground for loading equipment with low ground clearance ←

Making of: our hydraulic drop-centre trailer gets a new design!


What is a flatbed?
A low loader is a trailer with a low-lying loading area, which often has a loading ramp. This is often used to transport large (high) machines, as most underpasses, power lines and the like can be driven under.
What is a drop-centre?
A drop deck is a low-loader that has a so-called low-level loading bed. This means that there is a recess between the front and rear axle of the trailer, which allows the lowest loading height to be reached. Often these are equipped with a hydraulic lift bed in order to reach or compensate for higher loading heights.
What is payload?
Every vehicle has a maximum load capacity. If you subtract the unladen weight of the vehicle from this permissible total load, you get the weight which can be loaded additionally.
What is a loading sill height?
The loading sill height is the distance from the standing level (floor) to the upper edge of the loading space.
What are DHOLLANDIA lifts?
DHOLLANDIA was founded in 1968 and is the largest manufacturer of tail lifts in Europe.
The video is a bit older, but it describes DHOLLANDIA’s work very well:
What must be observed for large volume and heavy transports?
The German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) distinguish between four types:
Oversized transports: These have large dimensions with low weight. The permissible width is 3.00 m and the permissible height 4.00 m. Permission must be obtained for all values above this.
Heavy transports have a small dimension but a high weight. The permissible total weight is currently 44 tons. If the total weight is higher, a permit must be obtained.
Large and heavy transports are a combination of the two types of transport mentioned above.
Long transports are transports that exceed the permissible total length of currently 18.75 m. A permit must also be obtained if the length is exceeded.
This applies to all shipment types:
If the dimensions require it, an escort vehicle must be provided.
When may large volume and heavy transports be carried out?
The execution periods for heavy transports are from Monday 9:00 AM to Friday 3:00 PM. For transports on weekends or public holidays a permit is only granted in “emergency” situations.
Authorities allow heavy loads up to a width of 3.20 metres, usually during off-peak hours. As rush hour traffic has priority from 6:00 AM to 8:30 AM and from 15:30 PM to 19:00 PM.
Transports exceeding 3.20 metres are usually carried out between 22:00 PM and 6:00 AM.
Who takes care of the necessary permits?
As soon as you commission us with the transport, we organise all the necessary permits and documents. You can sit back and relax.
How long does it take to obtain the authorization?
It is not possible to give a blanket answer to this question. Usually it takes between two and four weeks.
What does a special transport cost?
Here there is no price to take as a basis. The costs are made up of various factors: cargo, distance, and many others.
But you can be sure, we work with daily updated prices.