Won't work does not exist!

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According to this, motto we work since 1991


The current situation puts us all to the test.

But right now it is important to maintain the flow of materials.
We at CARGOTRANS (Bremen) GmbH make our contribution to this, to ensure the continuity of supply.

We will continue to do everything possible to ensure this,
to maintain our usual service for you, our clientele and to execute all freight orders properly.

Should there be any restrictions, we will of course inform you immediately!

For further questions and further discussions we are at your disposal at any time.
phone +49 421-387610
fax +49 421-384076
mail ed.ne1685746482merbs1685746482narto1685746482grac@1685746482ofni1685746482


We transport your freight –

by truck


We transport your freight –

by sea


We transport your freight –

by air